My name is Ettina Blaison, I m a ceramic artist rooted in Berlin with a background in fashion design.
For me, clay transcends being a mere material; it serves as my "secret canvas." Each hand-painted vessel or cup in my Montigny-sur-Loing studio, where I have been living and working for the past fife years, is a unique creation, blending art and function to ensure no two pieces are alike. Having transitioned from fashion to ceramics in 2021, I specialize in wheel-throwing, utilizing high-schamott clay to craft contrasting textures, offering a distinctive tactile experience. The objects feature partial exterior glazing for a special sensation, while the interiors are fully glazed for practical use.

Growing up in Berlin during a time when there was an East and West divide shaped a significant part of my identity. The 80s and 90s in Berlin, with the fall of the Wall, brought a sense of adventure and excitement as we explored the "other side."

My work reflects the dichotomies of my Berlin upbringing, challenging norms in material, function, and distinctions between art and craft. After studying fashion design post-school, I co-founded the fashion store "Konk" in 2003 and later took full ownership, running it successfully until selling it in 2012 to pursue my dream of creating my own fashion line and opened a store for Thone Negrón in Berlin's Mitte.

Committed to eco-friendly practices, my ceramics are available through collaborations with stores in Berlin and Hamburg, as well as on my online platform. I am passionate about making ceramics accessible to everyone, emphasizing affordability and democratic appeal.

To limit waste production, we recycle shipment boxes if they are still in good condition. Please excuse the initial appearance, but rest assured, the contents inside remain fresh and beautiful.

I hope this provides insight into my background and working approach. I would love to hear your thoughts! Please feel free to reach out to us anytime at


With happiness and joy,